Chad Runyon gives personal voice lessons from his San Francisco Bay Area studio.

Student Recordings

Are you a professional singer with questions about your voice? Do you have professional aspirations and want to develop a reliable technique? Private voice study is your time to ask questions about your voice, to learn the music you are working on, to develop a reliable technique and, of course, to sing! With study and practice, you will understand your voice better.

To make the most of your lessons: Practice frequently in short intervals, (daily or every other day if possible). This is more effective than infrequent marathon sessions (once a week for an hour). Training the voice is like training a specific muscle group at the gym. For best results, be consistent. If you perform or rehearse regularly, your practice time can be integrated into your performance run or rehearsals by applying the techniques explored in lessons.

“Chad is a first rate voice teacher. It is solely because of his instruction that I am able to make a living from my singing voice.”

—Derek Lux, actor/singer, DLUXPuppets

Repertoire: Apply technique to pieces of music. Choose music you like and that challenges you. If you need help making choices, just ask. Various genres, including musical theater, opera, art song, folk and pop offer stylistic differences, but the technique remains constant. If you’re looking for specific results: an upcoming audition, a performance deadline, vocal health when performing frequently, you’ve come to the right place.

When, where and how much: Weekly lessons are scheduled conveniently in downtown Danville by appointment Monday-Friday. The cost is $60/Half Hour, $90/45-minutes, $120/Hour. Payment is due in advance by the month, or at the time of each lesson. Twice a year, recitals are held. Participants are asked to cover associated costs.

If you need to cancel a scheduled lesson, please do so at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a lesson fee. Make-ups are scheduled as a courtesy, ideally within the week.